At Lanreé, 5 elements personalised intensive facial treatments are designed for all skin types with specific concerns. Our skin experts will first conduct an in-depth skin diagnosis with the latest technology to perform a thorough analysis of your skin. Then, Lanreé professionals will select the most suitable combination of treatments and therapies to resolve the root of all skin conditions. 5 elements intensive facial treatments emphasise on providing customers with the fastest and most convenient result where our experts meticulously monitor customer’s progress after each element is conducted, ensuring optimal results are achieved.

5 Elements Personalised Intensive Facial Treatment $ 280

100 minutes

This is an intensive boost of all natural collagen, apple stem cells, scutellaria, and resveratrol that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin tailored to moisturise, relax and relieve tired skin, respire and regenerate for a firmer and youthful looking appearance. Enhanced with Lanreé signature facial massage, your facial experience will leave your skin feeling supple and radiant for the coming days.

First Element: Advanced In-Depth Skin Analysis $ 20

At Lanreé, our skin care experts will provide customers a one-on-one consultation during each visit. This is done to gain an accurate and deeper understanding of our customer’s skin condition with a thorough personal and lifestyle habits analysis. Our experts would also conduct an advanced in-depth face zone analysis with the latest technology which does not only scan the skin surface, but zoomed in 200 times deep into the skin tissues. This analysis could generate the accurate root of our customer’s skin concern.

Second Element: Deep Cleansing Treatment$ 70

Lanreé skin care expert would select the most suitable type of deep cleansing treatment to thoroughly cleanse all impurities and make up residue on the skin surface to prep the skin before proceeding to the subsequence intensive treatment. This step would improve congestions by removing blackheads, milia and blocked pores.
  • Microbubble Sebum Cleansing Treatment

    This treatment would include a deep surface cleansing procedure, followed by a hot facial patch on the whole face to kill all micro-bacteria and then hydrating essence would be applied which has a whitening and anti-aging effect.

  • Ultrasonic Exfoliating Treatment

    This treatment would include a deep surface cleansing procedure, followed by a hot facial patch on the whole face to kill all micro-bacteria and then ultrasonic exfoliator with 2000Hz would be applied to skin to remove all make up residues, blemishes, hidden blackheads and whiteheads. This treatment will provide a whiter, smoother, skin tightening and wrinkle-free effect.

  • Sea Salt Cleansing Treatment

    This treatment would include a deep surface cleansing procedure, followed by a hot facial patch on the whole face to kill all micro-bacteria and then with a high pressure spraying technique with Nano-particles of hot spring water evenly sprayed onto the skin surface followed by a full facial massage with ultra-absorbing essence. This treatment will provide an anti-inflammatory and sterile effect.

Third Element: Intensive Treatment Therapy $ 208

Based on the advanced skin diagnosis, Lanreé skin care expert would gain a full in-depth analysis of your skin condition and then develop result-oriented intensive treatment therapy exclusive to your skin requirements. This intensive treatment therapy uses breakthrough cutting-edge technology that includes Nano ions, Ultrasonic, Microneedle Therapy System (MTS), intensive serum and essence that absorbs deep into the dermis and basal layer of the skin.

This intensive treatment therapy helps minimise the signs of ageing by stimulating the skin’s natural collagen production and effectively restoring the cells back to its optimum health. Besides, this would stimulate the skin collagen regeneration which accelerate the wound-healing process, repair and renew aging skin cells, improve skin elasticity and produces anti-inflammatory results. Unique blends of formulas are created in every treatment to cater the changing needs of your skin.

Exclusive formula blends are available for intensive treatments that include whitening, anti-inflammatory, spot fading, facial lifting and tightening, essential vitamins and minerals, pore tightening, hydrating and facial veins reduction.

Forth Element: Renewal and Restoration Treatment Mask$ 25

At Lanreé, we believe that renewal and restoring treatment mask will complement the intensive treatment therapy. This element has its unique ability to adapt to the skin, yielding multiple skin benefits to bring it back to harmony and further boost the treatment efficacy.
  • 24K Gold Intensive Restoring Treatment Mask

    This treatment would minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring the skin firmness.

  • Bio-polymer Rejuvenation Treatment Mask

    This treatment would improve fine lines, wrinkles, enhance skin firmness, repair and regenerate the skin cells.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Inflammatory Acne Treatment Mask

    This treatment would repair and heal damaged skin cells while providing the essential hydration the skin requires.

  • Hyaluronic Acid RT Renewal Treatment Mask

    This treatment would enhance skin firmness and elasticity, boost hydration keeping the skin supple and plumped.

  • Hyaluronic Acid GK Repair Treatment Mask

    This treatment would boost hydration to the skin and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Whitening Radiance Treatment Mask

    This treatment would improve skin tone and illuminates the skin for a radiant glow.

Fifth Element: Photodynamic Therapy

20 minutes $ 30

40 minutes $ 55

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is a non-invasive procedure created to increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen production in an effort to treat sun damage, severe acne, rosacea, enlarged sebaceous glands, wrinkles and fine lines. PDT utilises a photosensitising molecule with a light source of specific wavelength to activate the oxygen molecules that are readily available which helps boost skin immunity and natural recovery.
  • Red Light Therapy

    This therapy smooths the appearance of fine lines and calms inflammation. Red light is effectively penetrated into the skin stimulating it to produce more collagen naturally for a smoother and firmer skin. It has the ability to improve all signs of aging and triggers repair responses in your skin which produces new cells and helps them metabolise nutrients more effectively. This will lead to fading dark spots, more even skin tone and an overall brighter, healthier complexion.

  • Yellow Light Therapy

    This therapy reduces skin redness, treats rosacea, reduces the appearance of facial blood vessels, and eliminates UV radiation damage. Yellow light is an ideal therapy for sensitive skin because it calms and sooths the skin for a healthier complexion. It also helps to detoxify the skin, boost lymphatic flow and increase cellular growth.

  • Green Light Therapy

    This therapy helps address uneven skin tone and discoloration. Green light control skin pigment by targeting cells called melanocytes and slowing the rate they produce melanin in your skin. It also works to break up clusters of melanin that are the root cause of dark spots.

  • Blue Light Therapy

    This therapy reduces acne and blemishes for a clearer complexion. Blue light kills the bacteria deep within the pores that are the leading cause of breakouts. It also works to soothe and clam any post-acne inflammation.