Botulinum Toxins

  • Treatments (Price Per Unit NZD) Recommended Units (Based on Area)
  • Botox® ($18/unit) *30 min slot is booked per patient
  • Dysport® ($8/unit) *Requires twice amount of Neuronox®
  • Neuronox® ($16/unit)
  • Xeomin® ($18/unit)
  • Recommended Units per area for Botulinum Toxins
  • Forehead 14-20/units
  • Eye Crow's Feet 14-20/units
  • Shoulder 50-80/units per side
  • Biceps 60-80/units per side
  • Calves 80-100/units per side
  • Underarms Hyperhidrosis Approx $1000 and above

Dermal Fillers

  • Treatments (Price Per Unit NZD) Areas
  • Juvederm® or Teoxane ($750/ml) Lips or Chin or Cheek or Cheekbone or Eye Hollow
  • Juvederm® or Teoxane ($750 - $1000/ml) Temple or Naso-Labial Lines

Platelet Rich Plasma - Regen ACR®

  • Suitable for
    • Face Lifting
    • Decolletage Retexturising
    • Wrinkles & Retexturising
    • Hair Growth
  • At least 1 week pre-booking notice is required. We'll book you in for a 1.5 hour treatment including preparation time. Recommended 2-3 treatment over a 3 months period, result will last for 2-5 years provided no sun damage. Advanced booking fee of NZD $50 is required for booking to be confirmed. *At least 1 week pre-book notice is required. T&C's apply.
  • Treatments Price
  • Full Face $980 (Per Session)
  • Full Face + Neck $1880 (Per Session)
  • Bald Hair Patches $980 (Per Session)

Profhilo - Skin Bio-Remodelling

  • $1000 per treatment per area
  1. Treatment price and duration listed is for general indication only. It may vary due to different individual’s concerns and conditions.
  2. Price may vary and quote will be provided upon consultation based on area size of treatment if applicable.
  3. Package price has to be paid upfront.