Botulinum Toxins

  • Treatments (Price Per Unit NZD) Recommended Units (Based on Area)
  • Botox® ($18/unit) *30 min slot is booked per patient
  • Dysport® ($8/unit) *Requires twice amount of Neuronox®
  • Neuronox® ($16/unit)
  • Recommended Units per area for Botulinum Toxins
  • Forehead 14-20/units
  • Eye Crow's Feet 14-20/units
  • Shoulder 50-80/units per side
  • Biceps 60-80/units per side
  • Calves 80-100/units per side
  • Underarms Hyperhidrosis Approx $1000 and above

Dermal Fillers

  • Treatments (Price Per Unit NZD) Areas
  • Juvederm® ($750/ml) Lips, Chin, Cheek, Cheekbone, Eye Hollow
  • Juvederm® ($750-$1000/ml) Temple or Naso-Labial Lines

Platelet Rich Plasma - Regen ACR®

  • Suitable for
    • Face Lifting
    • Decolletage Retexturising
    • Wrinkles & Retexturising
    • Hair Growth
  • At least 1 week pre-booking notice is required. We'll book you in for a 1.5 hour treatment including preparation time. Recommended 2-3 treatment over a 3 months period, result will last for 2-5 years provided no sun damage. Advanced booking fee of NZD $50 is required for booking to be confirmed. T&C's apply.